IC 7408 Equivalents: Datasheet and Pinout

IC 7408 Equivalents: Datasheet and Pinout
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IC 7408 is a popular AND gate integrated circuit (IC) used in digital circuits. It plays a crucial role in performing logical operations, making it a staple in the electronics industry. This blog will explore the IC 7408, its datasheet, pinout, and equivalent ICs. We will also delve into its functionality, applications, and comparisons with other logic gate ICs.

What is 7408 IC Meaning?

The 7408 IC is a quad 2input AND gate. It contains four independent AND gates, each with two inputs. This IC is a part of the 7400 series of digital logic ICs, which are widely used in various digital circuits. It performs logical AND operations, which are essential in various computing processes. The AND gate outputs a high signal (1) only when all its inputs are high (1). This logical operation is crucial for decision making processes in digital systems. IC 7408 is used in arithmetic logic units, signal processing, and control systems, among other applications.

What is the PIN Configuration of IC 7408 AND Gate?

The pin configuration of the 7408 integrated circuit is straightforward. Like 7404 IC, it consists of 14 pins, each with specific functions. Here is a detailed 7408 IC pinout overview:

7408 IC Pinout:

IC 7408 Equivalents: Datasheet and Pinout

Pin description:

1. Pin 1: Input A of Gate 1

2. Pin 2: Input B of Gate 1

3. Pin 3: Output of Gate 1

4. Pin 4: Input A of Gate 2

5. Pin 5: Input B of Gate 2

6. Pin 6: Output of Gate 2

7. Pin 7: Ground (GND)

8. Pin 8: Output of Gate 3

9. Pin 9: Input A of Gate 3

10. Pin 10: Input B of Gate 3

11. Pin 11: Output of Gate 4

12. Pin 12: Input A of Gate 4

13. Pin 13: Input B of Gate 4

14. Pin 14: Supply Voltage (Vcc)

The configuration allows the IC to perform four independent AND operations simultaneously. The clear separation of input and output pins for each gate on the IC ensures convenience for circuit designers, allowing the 7408 to be used in complex designs without interfering between gates.

Renowned Manufacturers of IC 7408 Quad 2Input AND Gate

The IC 7408 quad 2-input AND gate is a widely used component in digital electronics. There are several manufacturers produce the 7408 IC, ensuring its availability and reliability. Below is a detailed introduction to some of the leading manufacturers of the IC 7408.

1. Texas Instruments (TI)

Texas Instruments is one of the famous manufacturers of the IC 7408. TI provides a widely range of digital logic ICs, including the 7408. Texas Instruments' 7408 ICs are highly regarded for their performance, durability, and consistency.

2. ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is another leading producer of the IC 7408. Which are widely used in various applications, including industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics. Their products are supported by extensive datasheets and application notes to assist designers.

3. Fairchild Semiconductor (now part of ON Semiconductor)

Before its acquisition by ON Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor was a well-known name in the semiconductor industry. Even after the acquisition, the legacy of Fairchild's quality continues under the ON Semiconductor brand, ensuring that the IC 7408 remains a trusted choice for designers.

4. NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors produces the IC 7408 as part of its extensive portfolio of logic devices. NXP is known for its innovative solutions and high-quality products.

5. STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is a global leader in semiconductor solutions, offering a range of logic gate ICs, including the 7408. The company focuses on delivering solutions that are energy-efficient and robust, suitable for a wide range of applications.

6. Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology is known for its wide range of microcontrollers, analog, and mixed-signal products, including logic gate ICs like the 7408. It can be said, when talked about IC chips, microchip must be mentioned.

What is the 7408 Integrated Circuit Equivalent To?

The IC 7408 has several equivalents/alternatives, making it versatile and adaptable. Some equivalent ICs include:

Equivalent Part


Key Characteristics



Direct equivalent



Low-power Schottky, higher speed



Low-power Schottky



Schottky, higher speed



Advanced low-power Schottky



Low power, wide voltage range



High-speed CMOS, faster switching



High-speed CMOS, TTL compatible



Low power, wide voltage range



High noise immunity, low power



Low power, high noise immunity



Similar to CD4081

(Summary of Equivalent Parts)

These equivalents offer similar functionality and can be used interchangeably in most circuits.

Pin Diagram of 7408 Integrated Circuits

Understanding the pin diagram of the 7408 IC is vital for proper integration into circuits. The 7408 IC follows the standard 14pin dual inline package (DIP) format. The pin configuration ensures easy interfacing with other components. Here’s a visual representation of the pin diagram, this diagram helps in understanding the connections and functions of each pin.

IC 7408 Equivalents: Datasheet and Pinout

7408 IC AND Gate Truth Table

The truth table for the IC 7408 AND gate is fundamental to understanding its operation. The table below illustrates the output based on the inputs:

Input A

Input B














The output is high (1) only when both inputs are high (1). This simple yet powerful operation is the basis for many digital logic circuits.

IC 7408 Specifications


Parameter and Description

Operating Voltage (Vcc)

4.75V - 5.25V (standard TTL logic levels)

Input Voltage

Minimum 2V (high level)

Maximum 0.8V (low level)

Output Voltage

Minimum 2.4V (high level)

Maximum 0.4V (low level)

Input Current

Maximum 40µA (high level)

Maximum -1.6mA (low level)

Output Current

Maximum -0.4mA (high level)

Maximum 16mA (low level)

Power Dissipation

1mW per gate

Propagation Delay


Operating Temperature Range


7408 Integrated Circuit Features

Quad 2-Input AND Gates

The IC 7408 contains four independent 2-input AND gates, allowing for multiple logic operations within a single IC.

TTL Compatible

It is compatible with other TTL logic families, ensuring easy integration into existing designs.

High Noise Immunity

7408 integrated circuit offers high noise immunity, making it reliable in noisy environments.

Low Power Consumption

With typical power dissipation of 1mW per gate, the IC is energy-efficient, making it suitable for battery-powered devices.

Fast Switching Speed

The propagation delay of around 10ns makes the IC 7408 suitable for high-speed applications.

Standard 14-Pin DIP Package

The IC comes in a standard 14-pin DIP package, so it is ease of use and compatibility with standard sockets and PCBs.

How Does IC 7408 Compare to Other Logic Gate ICs?

The IC 7408 is often compared to other logic gate ICs like the 7432 OR gate or the 7400 NAND gate. Here’s a brief comparison:


IC 7408 (AND)

IC 7400 (NAND)

IC 7432 (OR)

IC 7486 (XOR)

Logical Operation





Output Condition

High when both inputs are high

Low when both inputs are high

High if any input is high

High when inputs are different

Typical Applications

Decision making, control systems, signal processing

Flip-flops, memory circuits, control logic

Alarm systems, signal processing, decision-making circuits

Arithmetic circuits, error detection, digital communication

Number of Gates






14-pin DIP

14-pin DIP

14-pin DIP

14-pin DIP

Key Features

Reliable AND operations

Versatility and fundamentalies

Multiple condition triggers

Distinguish equal/unequal inputs

Each IC has its specific use cases, but the 7408 is preferred for applications requiring strict logical AND operations.

Applications of IC 7408

The IC 7408 has a wide range of applications, including:

Digital Signal Processing

The IC 7408 is used in digital signal processing applications for performing logical AND operations on digital signals.

Control Systems

It is used in control systems for decision-making processes, ensuring actions are taken only when specific conditions are met.

Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs)

7408 integrated circuit also often used in ALUs as part of the computational logic for performing arithmetic and logical operations.

Data Transmission

It is used in data transmission systems to ensure accurate data transfer by performing logical checks on the transmitted data.

Embedded Systems

The IC is used in various embedded systems for control and logical operations, enhancing system functionality and performance.

Differences Between IC 7408 and IC 7432

While both IC 7408 and IC 7432 belong to the 7400 series, they serve different purposes:

IC 7408: Quad 2input AND gate.

IC 7432: Quad 2input OR gate.

The main difference lies in their logical operations. The 7408 performs AND operations, while the 7432 performs OR operations. Choosing between them depends on the required logic function in the circuit.

Advantages of Using IC 7408 in Logic Gate Implementations

Reliability: Proven performance in various applications.

Ease of Use: Simple pin configuration and standard package.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of logic gate implementations.

Low Cost: Affordable and widely available.

IC 7408 Equivalents: Datasheet and Pinout

These advantages make the IC 7408 a preferred choice for many designers.

IC 7408 vs. NAND Gate: Key Differences and Uses

The IC 7408 (AND gate) and NAND gate (like the 7400) have distinct differences:

AND Gate (7408): Outputs high only when all inputs are high.

NAND Gate (7400): Outputs low only when all inputs are high.

The choice between them depends on the desired logical operation. The AND gate is used for strict AND operations, while the NAND gate is preferred for inverted AND operations.

The IC 7408 is a versatile and essential component in digital electronics. Its reliable performance, simple configuration, and wide range of applications make it a staple in many circuits. Whether you need to perform logical AND operations or compare it with other logic gates, the IC 7408 is a reliable choice. Its equivalents and alternatives also offer flexibility, ensuring you can find the right component for your specific needs. Choose the IC 7408 for efficient and effective logic gate implementations.


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