CR2450 Button Cell Battery: Introduction, Equivalency, and CR2450 vs. CR2032

CR2450 Button Cell Battery: Introduction, Equivalency, and CR2450 vs. CR2032
Post Date:2024-07-09,Murata Electronics
Compared to other lithium button cells, CR2450 batteries have higher nominal voltage and energy density

Both CR2450 and CR2032 are battery specifications that belong to the CR series of non-rechargeable button cells. Due to their similarities, they are often compared. However, can they be used as equivalents? The answer is no. Due to their different sizes and capacities, they cannot replace each other. This article will explain in detail the differences between CR2450 and CR2032, as well as the alternative models of CR2450.

What is a CR battery?

Generally speaking, the naming convention of batteries follows the IEC naming system, where each letter and number represents the following:

C stands for the chemical composition, specifically lithium manganese dioxide.

When R is placed after another letter, it means that the battery is round, and its chemical characteristics are represented by the first letter.

The numbers represent the diameter and thickness of the battery. For example, in CR2450, 2450 indicates the size is 24mm x 5.0mm.

Introduction to CR2450 Battery

CR2450 Battery
Compared with other lithium button batteries, CR2450 battery has higher nominal voltage and energy density, so it is suitable for higher power applications. The battery capacity of CR2450 is twice that of typical alkaline batteries. This battery usually operates at 3V and has a capacity range of 600-700mAh. It has long life and stable voltage output characteristics. In addition, CR2450 battery has zero mercury content, so it is environmentally friendly. One of the excellent characteristics of CR2450 battery is long shelf life, for example, Panasonic's CR2450 button battery can still maintain 90% of its initial capacity after 10 years of use.

Introduction to CR2032 Battery

CR2032 button battery is a common battery type. Due to its small size, high voltage and long life, CR2032 is widely used in various small electronic devices, such as electronic watches, calculators, CMOS batteries for computer motherboards, remote controls, electronic scales, toys, etc. The "20" in CR2032 means a diameter of 20 mm, and "32" means a height of 3.2 mm.

CR2450 vs. CR2032


Battery Model
CR2450 & CR2032
chemical component
Not rechargeable


Battery Model
CR2450 CR2032
Size (Diameter x Height)
24.5mm x 5.0mm
20.0mm x 3.2mm
600-700 mAh 200-250 mAh
6.9g 3.0g

From the differences in the specifications of CR2450 and CR2032 in the table above, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Although CR2032 and CR2450 have the same battery composition, the lithium content of the two batteries is different. The lithium content of CR2450 is higher than that of CR2032, resulting in a difference in the capacity of the two button batteries.

  • CR2032 is smaller than CR2450 and is suitable for products with more compact space requirements and button-type designs. If your project requires a compact size and does not require high battery capacity, CR2032 may be a more suitable choice.

  • CR2032 is thinner and lighter than CR2450, making it more suitable for lightweight and small electronic devices. On the other hand, CR2450 is generally used in devices that require higher energy density and long-term use.

The battery capacity of CR2450 is significantly larger than CR2032, and theoretically it can be used for a longer time. If you are designing a project that requires higher current or requires stable battery power, CR2450 is obviously a better choice.

Can CR2032 replace CR2450?

Due to the different sizes of CR2032 and CR2450, they cannot usually be directly interchangeable. CR2032 has a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm, while CR2450 has a diameter of 24 mm and a thickness of 5.0 mm. This means that the CR2032 is smaller in diameter than the CR2450 and thinner.

Therefore, if a device is designed to require a larger battery like the CR2450, the CR2032 will often not physically fit into the device's battery holder. Even if the voltage is the same, the CR2032 may not provide the same amount of use time as the CR2450 due to the difference in capacity.

Can the CR2430 replace the CR2450?

No, the CR2430 and CR2450 are the same diameter (both are 24 mm), but they are different in thickness. The CR2430 is 3.0 mm thick, while the CR2450 is 5.0 mm thick. Although they have similar chemistry and voltage, they are generally not directly interchangeable due to the difference in thickness.

Since the CR2430 is thinner than the CR2450, it will generally have a smaller capacity. This means that even if a device can physically accommodate a CR2430, the latter may not provide the same operating time as a CR2450.

CR2450 Equivalent

The CR2450 is not compatible with other battery types, but can be replaced with models with similar specifications in some cases.

BR2450 Batteries

The BR2450 is a cadmium-free mercury lithium battery specification, and due to technological advances, 2450 batteries with carbon monofluoride positive electrodes are rare.

The label of such batteries begins with "BR" (BR2450), but modern CR2450 batteries negate the main advantages of carbon fluoride lithium batteries (long shelf life, very low self-discharge rate, constant output voltage). In addition, BR2450 batteries cannot provide the high discharge current required by keyless entry systems, remote controls and similar devices.

The nominal capacity of CR2450 batteries is about 600-620 mAh, while some older models and models designed for high-drain devices have a capacity of 540-580 mAh. BR2450 batteries (if available) have a capacity of around 500-550 mAh.

CR2450 batteries have a shelf life ranging from 3 years (cheaper models/brands) to 10+ years, while BR2450 batteries typically have a shelf life of 10+ years.

Having said that, reputable brands of CR2450s can easily rival BR2450 batteries - so BR2450 batteries are really hard to find these days.

Note: Most manufacturers also label their CR2450s as BR2450s to emphasize that their CR2450s can be used as a replacement for BR2450 batteries - in most cases this is correct; just make sure to check the specified shelf life of such CR2450 batteries.

LiR2450 Batteries

LiR2450 is a typical label for rechargeable 2450 batteries. LiR2450 batteries are typically available with nominal voltages of 3.0, 3.2, 3.6 and 3.7 volts, depending on the specific chemistry used.

  • 3.0V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries are direct replacements for CR2450 batteries, as they have the same (similar) output voltage, and do not exceed 3.0 volts, posing a threat to sensitive electronic equipment.

  • 3.2V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries are typically based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, and although their output voltage is only 0.2 volts greater, some sensitive electronic equipment may experience issues as a result - check the device's manual before using a 3.2V LiR2450 battery in these devices.

  • 3.6 - 3.7V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries are based on a different lithium-ion chemistry, and since their voltage is 0.6-0.7V higher than a standard CR2450, always check the manual before using them in your device - this difference is enough to easily damage sensitive electronics or render the device unreliable. Unreliable operation is not recommended, especially for medical and safety equipment - it's better to be safe than sorry.

On the other hand, typical capacity of LiR2450 is in the 100-125 mAh range, and can be recharged 500-800 times.

Although rechargeable LiR2450 batteries have a higher self-discharge rate (1-5% per month, compared to about 1% per year for high-quality CR2450 batteries), for devices that require a lot of energy every day, LiR2450 batteries can save you some money.

Note: Never charge a LiR2450 battery with a charger not recommended by the manufacturer!

In addition, there are several common equivalent models of CR2450, all of which have a nominal voltage of 3V and similar battery specifications:
  • DL2450
  • EC2450
  • KL2450
  • LM2450


What is the life of a CR2450 battery?
If stored properly, it can last for 7-10 years, and some models are even longer.

Can CR2450 batteries be recharged?
No, CR2450 batteries are not rechargeable.

What batteries can replace CR2450?
Using the appropriate battery holder, CR2430 batteries can replace CR2450 batteries; but pay attention to the difference in capacity (CR2430: 270-290 mAh, CR2450: 600-620 mAh) and maximum pulse current.

Can I use CR2032 for CR2450? Are CR2032 and CR2450 interchangeable?
With a proper battery holder, theoretically, a CR2032 battery can be used instead of a CR2450 battery.

But, the CR2032 battery has a much smaller capacity and can't provide as strong current pulses as the CR2450 battery, so it will not last as long as the CR2450 battery.


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